Make Space Application

There are a variety of Make Spaces available. Please propose what you will use the space for and the duration. Space will not be awarded for more than a ten week period (one quarter). Once you have submitted this form, send an email to with the subject heading "Make Space Application." Within 15 days of the conclusion of your approved period, you must submit a Final Report to with the below information. Failure to submit the report will result in having your Make Space privileges revoked. The Final Report should consist of: 1. a short, written description of what you accomplished using the Make Space (1 page max., DOC format) 2. 3-5 high-resolution images of the piece in process 3. 3-5 high-resolution images of the finished piece. In addition, the Make Space needs to be returned to its original state and cleaned thoroughly. Any damages or augmentations may result in a fine and or loss of privileges. A new proposal to use a Make Space cannot be considered unless a satisfactory Final Report has been submitted from the previous use.
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General Information

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Project Proposal

Please provide the specifics of your intentions for the space.


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