2012/2013 Wetlands Discovery Program - Pre-program Worksheet

Please follow these instructions for taking/administering this activity: 1) This activity should be completed BEFORE any other part of the Wetlands Discovery Program; 2) Each student should complete this activity on his/her own (no working in a group, please!); 3) Please use the graphics provided in the teacher packets for questions #11 and #12, or go online to www.scvas.org/wetlands. If you don't know the answer to one of the questions (that's OK!!), you may either guess or leave it blank. IMPORTANT: Do not hit return until you are all done with this survey - use the "tab" button to move between questions.

Growth and expansion of cities
Land that is covered by shallow water
Regular movement of animals from one place to another
A place that provides food, shelter, and water
A feature or behavior that allows an animal to be successful in life

First Consumer
Second Consumer

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