Weed + Chinese Herb Dinner "Personality Survey" Lottery Form Submission Sweepstakes Challenge

(please disregard the "Challenge" part, I just thought it would be fun to finish the title with that.. that's all ;D) So you want "IN" on the 7-8 Course LQ@SK Weed+Chinese Herb Dinner collaboration between Chef's Laurent Quenioux + Starry Kitchen Exec Chef Thi Tran huh??? Well you're in the right place kiddo! ;) Just fill out the info, feel free to be creative, if you want to offer some kind of "creative bribe" now's the time to stake your claim and we'll see what works and what doesn't?!?! :) And remember, there is NO wrong answer (and you don't have to answer at ALL except for the required info) for this. We just want to get a feel for ya (and kinda make sure you're not a d-bag, because no one wants that at a fun dinner like this, right?!?!) Currently we've only planned one dinner for 30 people (approx $150/person) on April 1st @ ~7pm, but assuming from the popular response thus far we're already discussing a second dinner for those that don't get picked for the first one. We'll pick names on MARCH 13th, send a private link confirming your acceptance to the dinner and ask for pre-payment by MARCH 21st. If payment is not made, we will open slots out to those that are wait listed until they are filled. So don't fret, and you never know! Good luck! TEAM LQ@SK
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Now all that stuff is out of the way, onto the FUN stuff... only if you WANT to fill it out . You really don't have to ;)

(NOTE: it is not required you answer ANY or ALL of these questions. Answer what you would like (if at all). It just gives us an idea of who you are, but it MIGHT help ya get in too... just sayin' ;D)

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