2013 Canterbury Wiener Dog Race Registration

Thanks for your interest in the wiener dog races at Canterbury Park. Our races are a casual competition intended to provide entertainment for our horse racing customers. Races consist of one owner holding the dog at the starting line and another owner standing about 30 yards away at the finish line (often with a special treat/toy). The 2013 wiener dog races will be held on Labor Day- Monday, September 2, 2013. Unlike previous years, there will not be multiple qualifying dates. Labor Day will be our biggest dachshund race day ever, with qualifiers and championship held on the same afternoon. Due to the popularity of these races, it is possible that not all applicants may be able to compete. We will contact you by FRIDAY JUNE 7 to let you know if your dog will be racing. If your dog is selected, you will be asked to provide veterinary paperwork in order to be officially approved. UPDATE: We are now at capacity for the Wiener Dog Races on September 2, 2013 - However, from this point forward will will still accept registrations for alternates. You will be contacted by August 23, 2013 if your dachshund is selected as an alternate. Thank you.
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