Harvard Taekwondo Summer Practice 2012

If you would like to sign up for summer practices with HTKD this summer, please fill out the form below. The cost for participation will be $15 for the whole summer of practices at Harvard, to be paid by cash or check at one of the first practices. Additionally, we are offering to attend practices at the Master's schools. If you are interested in going with us to Master Park's or Master Tang's school, it will be $5 per trip (to cover gas/the rental cars). If going to Master Jang's, the fee for the whole summer is $60. If you would like to participate, but any of these costs are too much, please contact us directly at harvard.graduatetkd@gmail.com. Currently, the time plan is the following (starting after exam period, so May 14th): Tuesdays: practice at Harvard, MAC, Fitness Room 2, 7-8:30 pm Thursdays: going to Master Jang's school Saturdays: alternating going to Master Park's school depending on people's interest If people are interested, we can also get together outside of these times of course.

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