Less Wrong Survey III

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Part One: Basic Demographics

Part Two: Sex, Gender, Relationships

Part Three: Work and Education

Part Four: Views and Opinions

Part Five: Numbers That Purport To Measure Your Intelligence

Part Six: Less Wrong and You

Part Seven: Probabilities

Each of these questions will ask you for a probability. Please answer on a scale from 0% (definitely false) to 100% (definitely true). Do not include the percent sign in your answer. For your convenience, 0% will be interpreted as "epsilon" and 100% as "100 minus epsilon". Do **NOT** give your answer in the form of a decimal between 0 and 1 unless you deliberately mean for it to be interpreted as a very small percent. For example, 0.5 will be interpreted as 0.5%, that is, a one in two hundred chance,**NOT** as 50%. There is no obligation to do research for these questions; this survey is long enough already and it would be incredibly painful to have to find good information about each one. If you really really want to research, you may do so using any resource EXCEPT the answers to previous Less Wrong surveys and discussion about this current Less Wrong survey.

Part Eight: Slightly More Complicated Questions

Extra Credit: CFAR Questions

Thank you for getting this far. This is as much survey as anyone could reasonably expect you to answer. Feel totally free to stop here, scroll down, and send in the survey. However, if you are feeling SUPER GENEROUS, you could be extra helpful by answering some bonus questions. These particular questions come from the Center for Applied Rationality and are part of their research efforts. Your privacy settings above will be applied to all Bonus Questions, of course.

Extra Credit: Super Bonus Questions

These questions were inserted by request of various Less Wrong readers. They may or may not be useful or interesting or worth answering. If you don't want to answer any, skip them. If you get bored, feel free to go to the end of the survey and submit it without finishing these. They are *extra credit* only.

Extra Credit: Unreasonably Long and Complicated Questions

...why are you still here? Seriously, you can stop filling in the survey, scroll down to the bottom, and hit "Submit" any time you want. No one will hold it against you!

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