Chapel Hill 2020 Sign-on Letter

We, the undersigned participants in Chapel Hill 2020, are excited about the potential of this process to envision and enable a healthy future for our community. We believe that a high level of public participation will make a better plan, and we have invested our personal time and ideas in meetings and reaching out to our friends and neighbors about the plan. We wish to express our concerns about the speed of this process. Other communities have commonly taken 18 months to multiple years to complete plans that are less ambitious than ours. We understand that there is a need to get valuable input for the priority-based budgeting process, but this cannot supersede the need for the plan to be thoughtful, inclusive, and complete. We ask you to take action as soon as possible to extend the official timeline to end no sooner than February 2013, to commit to dedicating an upcoming Chapel Hill 2020 meeting to a discussion of process and outcomes, and to follow this meeting with changes as may be needed to address some of the big rocks in our way. We thank you for your time and service to the community, and appreciate your listening to our concerns. Signatories:
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This letter will be sent to Co-Chairs Rosemary Waldorf and George Cianciolo, Town Manager Roger Stancil, and the Mayor and Town Council before the Council's annual retreat on February 3rd. Please encourage other participants to sign by sharing the link to this letter:

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