Classroom Observation

Actually better termed a broad course consultation, this offering involves sharing your materials with us, having a pre-observation conversation (ideally addressing learning goals, teaching materials, etc.-- and can be a short phone call or brief meetup), a class visit (for either part or all of a specific session), and a post-observation debrief (ideally within a week of the observation). Our philosophy is to treat observation as reflection, where both observer and teacher observed learn. That means we often begin by asking you how you felt the session went and following your lead on what you want to discuss in particular. It also means sharing things like "From observing your teaching, here's what I learned about my own teaching. Whether you seek reflection, renewal, or other resources, you may reach out to the director or fellows to pursue such work in a confidential and supportive environment. Note: Per OTL's confidentiality policy: Consultations take place only at the invitation of the faculty member for formative / improvement purposes. Any written records generated during any consultation are held in complete confidence and returned to the faculty member afterwards. At no time is information supplied by the director or any person associated with the OTL for use in summative personnel decisions. In addition, no conversation about the consultation or any other aspect of an instructor’s teaching may occur with anyone outside of the OTL. Furthermore, we do not advocate for or against promotion or tenure of any individual, in order to retain our strictly formative / improvement-oriented function for individuals. To schedule one of us for an observation, please complete the form below. (Limit 1 course section per faculty member per semester.) You will be contacted by us shortly after your response is received.
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