MLA 2012: Smells Like Team Spirit Video Submission Form

For this session, we are seeking three to five minute video clips featuring staff from partner organizations talking about what partnering with a health sciences library means to them. The MLA member submitting may want to introduce the context of the partnership or may have a conversation with someone from the partner organization about the impact of working with a health sciences librarian and his or her organization. Video clips featuring partner organizations must be submitted in collaboration with a MLA member. The MLA member submitting the video will need to register attend MLA ’12 onsite or electronically. Send the video to Things to consider in developing a video: How does your library achieve collaboration nirvana? Who does your team work with in and out of your organization? Do you have librarians embedded in other departments? Do you work with other departments, libraries, or organizations on grants or projects? Who are your partners and how do they view your relationship?
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