Sign Up for Governors Day at the New York State Fair!

Thursday, August 23rd is Govenors Day at the New York State Fair. Governor Cuomo will be there for the opening day, also known as Governors Day. We are in the most critical hour of the anti-fracking fight as a decision is looming by the end of the summer. Governors Day at the fair could be our most important opportunity to show Governor Cuomo that he will be making the wrong political calculation by moving forward with fracking in NY. He needs to know that no matter what happens this movement is only going to get bigger. Please join us on August 23rd in Syracuse NY to hold signs, hand out educational flyers to fairgoers, and tell the Governor that we want him to be a hero and ban fracking. Signs, flyers, and stickers will be provided. Since we won't know the exact time of the Governors appearance till close to the date (or the day of) we need to hold a steady presence outside and inside the fair from 9am to 5pm. We will hold a press conference around mid day at a time to be determined. There is a free speech zone outside the fair to maintain our rights to spread our message. What: Anti-fracking education and presence at NY Fair, Press Conference Where: NY State Fairgrounds- 581 State Fair Boulevard Syracuse, NY When: Thursday, August 23rd 9am to 5pm (critical hours - 10am -4pm), Press Conference- TBA Sign up here to attend, join a carpool, and/or help phonebank our list to get the word out. We need your help to make this a success and to ban fracking in New York. When you sign up below you will receive more details about events of the day and meeting spots. Once you've filled out this form we also need you to RSVP and help spread the word on Facebook here: Thank you and see you at the fair! Renee and the NY Fair Committee
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