Club PuckTeams for PCCs 2011

The Pacific Coast Championships (PCCs) will be in Santa Clarita, CA, Friday Nov 11 to Sunday Nov 13. The cost per person is $110 per person which includes tournament, t-shirt, and banquet. You will not be considered on the team unless you fill this form and deliver your money to me via PayPal by October 7th. If I don't receive your money you will not be considered when team selections are made (soon after Oct 7th). Send your $110 to via Paypal ( Due time constraint on my end, I will not accept or handle payment in any other way. Team selection will be made by a three person committee yet to be determined. The committee will consist of one woman, one person who started before 2006 and one person who started since 2006. Volunteers? Players may have to be at the pool as early as 9am on Friday and as late as 5 pm on Sunday. We will know more as the date comes closer. In the mean while, please fill out the form below to indicate your interest.
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