EHS Proctor Application and Certification

If you are looking for a proctor, please visit to see the list of certified proctors. If you are signing up to be a proctor, thank you for agreeing to supervise Electronic High School end-of-class examinations. Please take a few minutes to complete this information form. After completing this process, you will be contacted by EHS within five business days. This certification is valid for two years, or when you leave your current employment. NOTE: This form may NOT be filled out by anyone other than the person applying to be certified as a proctor. Students MAY NOT fill out this form for their proctor. If this is done the form is invalid and the proctor is immediately rejected. If you do not qualify, please do not proceed with filling in this form. If you are a student or a parent needing a proctor for an EHS final test, please log-in to the Electronic High School. Look in the Topic 4 area of your class for instructions for selecting a certified proctor.
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Proctors may NOT be a student or be any of the following: • Relative or friend of student • Employer of student • Personal tutor of student • Ecclesiastical leader • Athletic coach, assistant coach, athletic administrator, or athletic academic counselor • Someone with a vested interest in the student's eligibility to compete in extracurricular activities (i.e. sports, theater, choir, etc.) Proctors MUST be one of the following: • School guidance counselor licensed by Utah • School teacher licensed by Utah • School principal or vice principal licensed by Utah • School employee directed by the school administrator to be the EHS proctor • Librarian licensed by Utah • Local college testing center staff or administration If you do not qualify to be a proctor, please do not proceed with filling in this form. If you are a student or a parent needing a proctor for an EHS final test, please log-in to your class at the Electronic High School. Look for the link to the proctored test area to find a list of certified proctors.

Contact Information

Proctor Communication

Please note: EHS does not accept proctor e-mail addresses that are not supplied by their local school, district, library, or testing center. In other words, EHS can not accept gmail, hotmail, yahoo, or other non-work e-mail addresses for proctors. NOTE: In order to proctor for EHS, you must live in Utah and supply your official work e-mail address.

Exam Policies and Procedures

The student must remain under the supervision of the proctor for the entire duration of the exam. If the student is uncomfortable with the proctoring situation (e.g. the setting is one-on-one with the proctor), a parent, friend, or chaperone may be present, along with the proctor, so long as the student does not interact with that person during the exam. Receiving assistance from any person during an exam is considered cheating and is grounds for receiving a failing grade for the course. • The student may not leave the room during the examination, except for an emergency. • The exam must not be duplicated in any way. • If for some reason you are unable to proctor an exam after receiving the password, please call the EHS (1-801-538-7564). Never give the password to another person or the student. • If the student is suspected of cheating, call EHS as soon as possible. You will receive more instructions for administering the exam when the exam password is e-mailed to you.

Cost to Students

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.