2012 Cooperating School Districts' Official Show-Me a Movie Entry Form

Show-Me a Movie is a digital storytelling contest for Illinois and Missouri students (grades 2 thru 12) to demonstrate their creativity and digital movie-making skills. Based on curriculum and with a content focus, the movies will showcase what students know, care about, and are able to do. Teachers and students, please review this entry form carefully prior to submitting information. Please submit this entry form prior to the 3 p.m. submission deadline on December 14, 2012. ** PLEASE NOTE THAT THE DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO DECEMBER 17; CSD EMAIL HAS BEEN DOWN FOR OVER 24 HOURS AND WE ARE UNABLE TO ACCESS MESSAGES. IT IS ENCOURAGED MOVIES BE SUBMITTED TODAY, BUT NOTE THAT WE ARE ACCEPTING ENTRY FORMS AND REFLECTIONS UNTIL MONDAY AT 3 PM CST. ** • Double check movie links to ensure they are open to the public for our judges to view. • For more information on the contest, visit: http://www.csd.org/TechnologyVLC/Show%20Me%20a%20Movie/showmehome.php • Remember that movies without proper citations will not be eligible for judging. • Each participating student is required to complete a reflection on the movie making process on a separate form (see the Show-Me a Movie website). Only 1 entry form is required per movie, but again, each participating student must submit a reflection. Thank you, Rebecca Morrison Show-Me a Movie Program Manager
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