MOVEmber Form and Instructions

1. All full-time and part-time, non-student workers may participate. 2. You must reach a minimum of 50,000 steps each week. 3. Steps must be tracked with this form each week. 4. Weeks are defined as Sunday to Saturday. Weekly forms must be received by the Wednesday immediately following the end of the week. 5. Employees must submit this form for their dependents (if participating). 6. If you do not want to join your department team, select "individual" on the Department drop-down list. (at the bottom). 7. Dependents should choose "dependent" from the Department drop-down list. (at the bottom). Dependent steps do NOT count towards your department team total. 8. If you are on a department team, make sure everyone on your team is choosing the same Department. 9. To continually have your steps applied towards your team, you must choose the same Department every month. If your department is not on the drop-down list contact Teresa Henderson in HR, ext. 3304 Those in the Wellness program will receive a $25 incentive towards Wellness Your Way.
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