Room Change Request Form for Spring 2013

Residents requesting a room change for Spring of 2013 must completely check out of his/her current assignment at the end of the Fall Semester (By December 12 at 4:00 p.m.) Any resident requesting a room change, but subsequently not moving out of his/her room by the end of the semester will automatically have the room change request cancelled. Please fill this form out completely. If there are any specific details you'd like Housing & Residence Life staff to consider, please be certain to include it in the comments section at the bottom of the form. Priority consideration is given to residents who have submitted their request prior to November, 9th, 2012. However, room change requests may be submitted after this date.
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• It is my responsibility to contact housing and residence life to cancel this request prior to my room change being approved, should I choose to do so. • Once the assignment has been changed, the resident cannot request it be changed again or reversed. Failure to move into the new assignment will result in an improper room change charge. • If I submit a subsequent change request, this change request will be voided. • If and when it is possible to move individuals from the wait list, they will receive an e-mail from Housing & Residence Life advising them of the new assignment. • All correspondence regarding this request will be sent via e-mail to your Nicholls student e-mail address.

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