Request for First Year Disability Housing

This form is to request housing under the Americans with Disabilities Act as a first year student, transfer or freshman, at Endicott College, for the Fall of 2012. Please complete this form in full. In order to receive housing accommodations, students must first complete the following steps: 1. Submit to the Disabilities Coordinator a written request for accommodations; prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure that a response can be made in a timely manner. Go to the Disabilities webpage, (, and follow the instructions. Application forms are available on this site. 2. Provide to the Coordinator appropriate recent medical, psychological, psycho-educational,or neuro-psychological documentation that substantiate the accommodation request. Guidelines are available on the Disabilities Webpage at the website in listed in the previous step (#1). If you have questions please contact Kelly Flynn at the Center for Teaching and Learning (
* Required