UW: Not In Our Name

"I attended or currently attend UW and I am opposed to Ned Kalin's maternal deprivation experiments. I pledge to withhold my support for the university until it promises once and for all to ban the use of maternal deprivation." Add your name, degree, and, if applicable, year of graduation to our growing list of UW alumni who are demanding an end to this cruelty at the UW. Please only fill out this form if you attend or attended a University of Wisconsin school.
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Why we need your address and phone number

The use of animals in research is a controversial subject about which many people have strong feelings. Occasionally, those on one side of this issue will attempt to discredit the other side by using underhanded methods, such as signing a fictitious person's name to a petition. Because it is important that we maintain the credibility of our campaign, we have decided to verify the identity of all persons who give us permission to use their name in support of the NION effort. We do not rent, sell, or share contact information with other organizations.

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