Physics / Astronomy Prospective Student Weekend!

Hello, Friends of Physics and Astronomy! The Society of Physics Students (SPS) and the Astronomy Student Association (ASA) are hosting prospective physics and astronomy students April 12-13 and we need YOUR HELP for the event to be a success! Please sign up for the things you can! Pay close attention to the options to make sure you are available. Thanks so much for your help!
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Volunteer Times!

Hosting Students

If you're planning on hosting students, there's additional info we'll need. We'd like for all prospective students to stay on campus, but depending on how many people come, we may need help from off-campus residents as well.

15 Minute Talk and Undergrad Panel

The last two hours of the event will be presentations and discussions with current undergraduate students. Building on (and taking advantage of) Jonathan Blair's idea to create an undergraduate talk series so undergrads can practice their presentations skills, we would like 2-3 students to give talks. These may be about research they are doing or something else they find interesting. These students would be required to participate in the talk series beforehand for practice. We'll follow that with a panel of undergraduates talking briefly about their time here then taking questions - anything and everything - from the prospective students. If you are interested, be ready to talk about your experiences at UT, Physics, other majors (if applicable), transition from high school, campus life, etc.

Final Questions

Thanks for signing up!

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