Best Practice Youth Environmental Projects for Publication

This is a call for youth actions, best practices, projects and success stories having been undertaken in the following areas: a) Atmosphere b) Land c) Water d) Biodiversity e) Chemicals and Waste f) Drivers of Environmental change (i.e. human population and economic development) g) Challenges within the Earth System (i.e. implementing sustainable development). We are looking for successful and inspiring projects taken at any scale, be it at a grassroots/community, regional or even global level. The best projects will be selected to be featured as case studies in UNEP's Global Environmental Outlook for Youth (GEO for Youth) publication to be launched this June. To possibly have your project included as a case study: 1. Answer the following questions (It is recommended to use facts and numbers wherever relevant. We will contact you if we need more information) 2. Email us a few pictures related to your project (with picture credits) on Deadline: 10th April 2012. For more information or any questions, contact us on
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