CSCS Summer 2012 Workshop Application

Please fill in this application if you are interested in attending the CSUN Summer workshop for Computer Supported Collaborative Science (CSCS). This workshop is supported by the California Science Foundation. All secondary LAUSD (grades 6-12) science teachers are eligible to apply. CSCS Workshop Details: The CSCS Workshop provides detailed instruction and practice using cloud computing tools like Google Docs in secondary science classroom. These free tools can make science class more data centered and engaging. For more info see The workshop will run from July 11-20 (8 days). Participants are expected to be in attendance from 8:30 - 4:30 every day (Fridays are half days). Teachers will receive a stipend for their participation (stipend $500 for the summer or 2 College Units). Post CSCS Workshop Participants are also expected to attend Saturday workshops during the school year and provide evidence of CSCS instruction in their classes (extra stipends for this). CSCS teachers will recieve in-class support and access to laptop sets for their classes. For more info see or email
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