Would you like to do a Bumper Sticker Stick-On Event on 2/23/2013?

What is that? Basically, you set up shop in a parking lot just off of a main road. (You may have to get permission, so look into that first). You can have group members waiving signs related to The Second Amendment and Free Bumper Stickers. Then have clip boards with sign up information. When a car pulls in, they stay in the car, one person hands them a clipboard to get their information, another person cleans the back windshield and places the bumper sticker while the driver is completing the information. It is important that you stick to the rule that they have to give you their contact information for the free sticker. This will help you grow your list and your group. Before we commit to this, we need to make sure enough local groups are committed to this and we need to see how many bumper stickers to order.
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