Lake Sumter State College Blackboard Training Request from Department Chair/Program Manager

This form is used by department chairs to request Blackboard training for the faculty they supervise. Please fill out a separate form for each person you are recommending for training. All form fields are required.
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Level Descriptions

Level 1: Facilitator - eight hours, Description: This instructor-level is designed for faculty who plan to teach courses in Blackboard that are already built. The instructor can use Blackboard to grade student work, post announcements and participate in discussions, but cannot significantly alter the design of a course. Ten hours includes full Collaboration certification. Level 2: Builder - Eight hours and requires successful completion of level 1. Description: This instructor has the ability to grade, but can also use interactive communication tools and group functions in Blackboard. In addition he or she can use all the building functions in Blackboard, and has a basic knowledge of Quality Matters and designing courses to meet ADA compliance.

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