2014 Linfield Alternative Spring Break Advisor Application

Please complete the below form to the best of your abilities. On behalf of the office of Community Engagement and Service, Change Corps would like to thank you for your interest in participating in an Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program. For any questions regarding ASB, please contact: changecorps@linfield.edu , Community Engagement and Service Interim Director, Joni Tonn jtonn@linfield.edu , or Change Corps student Director of ASB Sofia Webster swebste@linfield.edu Alternative Spring Break Advisor Position Description Persons applying to serve as advisors to the Alternative Spring Break program will agree to: • Serve as an educational partner to the program, its leaders, and team members, sharing areas of expertise and knowledge in balance with promoting student development. • Participate fully as a member of the ream in training, (re)orientations, education, and service activities. • Provide guidance and support to the student leaders before, during, and following the program, empowering students to lead, make decisions, and delegating tasks. • Help to develop the pre-program syllabus of weekly meetings and trip itinerary including but not limited to: team building activities, selected readings, guest speakers, fundraising activities, skill building activities including but not limited to service projects, and reflection activities as well as team re-orientation upon return to campus. • Serve as a Linfield College representative while on the program. Alternative Spring Breaks are college-sponsored events; therefore, all Linfield College policies and regulations apply. Assist students in reinforcing these policies. • Act as a resource in case of emergency and be familiar with emergency reporting structure. Keep people informed and included on decisions in emergency situations. • Serve as the driver for the program (unless otherwise negotiated). • Leave Linfield with the ASB participants and return to Linfield with the participants. • Reach out to all students and spend time cultivating individual relationships, as well as fostering group cohesiveness. Important Dates for 2014 Programs • November 17th – All-Team Orientation (tentative to change) • February 15th – All-Team Retreat (tentative to change) • March 23rd-28th – Spring Break Week • 2nd Week in April – All-team presentations to the Community Thank you!
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