First-Year Research in Earth Sciences: Dunes - Mentor Application

Use this form to apply for a position as a Research Mentor for the First-Year Research in Earth Sciences (FYRES): Dunes project at Calvin College in Fall 2013. Before you apply, please read about the FYRES project and what is expected of FYRES Research Mentors at . The original application deadline (12 April 2013) is long past, but applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. Applications are being considered in the order in which they are submitted.
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Going to the beach
Outdoor activities
Using or making maps
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Orienteering or geocaching
Collecting rocks
Photographing nature
Pleasant weather
Storms/interesting weather
Visiting national parks
Classroom learning
Hands-on learning
Using your learning in real-life settings

Recommender Information

Select a faculty member (or employer) who knows you and can comment on your interests and abilities with respect to being a FYRES mentor. As a professional courtesy, you should ask the person if you can list them as being willing to provide a recommendation for you. Your recommender will be contacted directly if a recommendation is needed.

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