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Why Mentoring?

A mentor is defined as a knowledgeable and experienced guide, a trusted ally and advocate, and a caring role model. An effective mentor is respectful, reliable, patient, trustworthy, and a very good listener and communicator. Here at NCCU, professional mentors can be found among faculty, professional staff, alumni, and community partners. The Eagle STAR Mentoring Program provides first-year students with a professional mentor and a peer mentor. Both our professional mentors and peer mentors are trained to assists the mentees with their social, personal, and academic development at NCCU. The mutually beneficial relationship between the mentors and mentees provides great fulfillment for all parties involved.

Program Requirements

* Professional mentors are required to complete a two-hour training prior to beginning mentoring. * Professional mentors who are non-NCCU employees are required to complete a background check through NCCU. * Professional mentors are expected to meet with the mentees at least once per month. * Professional mentors are expected to complete a brief mentoring relationship report at the end of each semester.

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