Advisors’ Information/Agreement

Each advisor of a student organization should review and comply with the statements below. Advisors are expected to serve as a resource for the organization; and is strongly encouraged to work with the organization at the beginning of the academic year, to clarify roles, responsibilities, and to discuss team members’ needs and their expectations.
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Please review the following agreement statements:

*I, the undersigned, agree to serve as a resource for the leaders and members of the student organization, as described in the Lincoln University Student Handbook. *I understand that, to be eligible to be an advisor of a registered campus organization, I must be a university faculty member, staff of Lincoln University, or approved by the Vice-President of Advancement. *I agree to comply with all local, state, and federal laws to ensure the compliance of all members of the student organization. *I agree to comply with all university policies and procedures, including but not limited to, those outlined in the student handbook. I agree to communicate policies and procedures to members of the student organization and agree to ensure that all members comply with them. *I acknowledge and support Lincoln University’s prohibition of hazing as outlined in the Student Handbook. *I understand that the student leadership of the student organization must serve as its official representatives. *I agree to ensure that the organization’s officers submit an updated officer form each time elections should this form become outdated. I understand that in order the university requires a 2.0 minimum accumulative grade point average to participate in co-curricular activities. *I agree to communicate with student organization’s leadership regularly. *I agree to communicate with the organization regarding my needs and expectations as an advisor, as well as, what they need and/or expect of me. *I agree to attend the student organization’s programs and events. I understand that this may include events or programs that extend after normal university business hours or are held off-campus, and that I may be required for the duration of such events. *I understand that my signature is required for all reservation request forms. *I understand that I will be required to attend all Advisors’ roundtable meeting. (A schedule will be provided)

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