25th Annual International Festival of Cultures Participation Sign-Up

Please sign-up here to participate in the 25th Annual International Festival of Cultures on Sunday April 14, 2013 from 1-5pm in the IRC. The Festival of Cultures, having a rich history at FSU, is a global experience that draws in more than 1,500 people from the campus and community. Groups or individuals may perform, have an exhibit (with or without food), provide cultural activities in the children's area, or do all three! Performance: A dance, song, poem, fashion show, or any other approved demonstration that is representative of a specific country. Most performances last about five minutes. Exhibit: A table with our without food that represents a specific country. Exhibits will provide a cultural experience by displaying items, giving hand-outs, or wearing traditional clothing. Exhibits last for the duration of the festival. If your exhibit will provide food (optional), the ingredients will be provided by FSU catering and the students will be provided space in Westview (inside Rankin Student Center) to cook the food before the festival. Cultural Activities in Children's Area: Simple and fun activities for children may include face-painting, writing or painting childrens' names in languages other than English, crafts, learning songs, etc. More information will be sent to you regarding your planned activities. The Office of International Education will handle many of the details and you or your group will provide a cultural enrichment experience for our campus and community! Questions? Contact Elizabeth Matthews, matthee2@ferris.edu.
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