Olympia News & Community Survey!!!

Hi there. This is a preliminary survey for Moss Public Press, a startup based in the Pacific Northwest (mosspublicpress.com). We're really into journalism, technology and good storytelling. So far we've made olywiki.org and olynews.org with a lot more things coming up soon. Since we've got a lot of the Moss Public Press ship built, we want to know what direction we should be steering it; this survey will help with that. The answers you put will be public but your name and contact information will not. We won't share those things with anyone. Deal? Cool. I'm Brian Fullerton. I'm at brianfullerton at gmail dot com. Or @bsfullerton on The Twitter. Seth Vincent has a Facebook at facebook.com/sethdvincent. He's the other person currently behind Moss. If you need anything, have feedback, or want to contribute contact either of us or hit us up on The Facebook at facebook.com/mosspublicpress. Thanks for taking the time to do this. No, really.

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