2012-2013 Dartmouth EMS EMT-B & FR Class Signups

Please complete this form to sign up for an EMT-B or First Responder course hosted by Dartmouth EMS in winter-spring 2013. After you sign up, your information will be processed and the respective instructor notified. Due to high class demand, deposits must be paid within two weeks of signing up or you will lose your place in the class. All classes are held on the Dartmouth campus in Hanover. All classes pause for 2-3 weeks in late March for Dartmouth's spring break and exams. ________________________________________________________________________________ New Hampshire Emergency Medical Responder ELIGIBILITY: Dartmouth Student or Community Member. The New Hampshire First Responder is a 42 hour class that serves as an introduction to EMS and teaches general anatomy, airway management, patient assessment, CPR, treatment for select traumatic and medical emergencies, and childbirth. Students will be able to challenge the New Hampshire practical as well as take the National Registry of EMTs written test to obtain NREMT certification at the First Responder level and apply for licensure in New Hampshire. Individuals who maintain a First Responder certification can take Part 2 of the EMT class at a later date. SCHEDULE: This class is offered in Winter term. This class is the first half of the Beta Schedule listed under EMT-Basic below (Jan– March). The Winter term schedule is same as Beta Class EMT Schedule. COST: $600 (includes textbook, and certification). Non-Refundable Deposit: $100 due 2 weeks after sign up. Please Register by November 1st, 2012. A late fee may apply after December 1st. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) ELIGIBILITY: Dartmouth Student or Community Member. The EMT-Basic certification is an entry-level EMS certification that focuses on patient assessment and treatment in a Pre-Hospital setting. Topics covered include CPR, Anatomy & Physiology, Patient Assessment, Airway Management, and treatment for Trauma, Medical, and Environmental Emergencies. After completion of the 120 hour course, students will be able to challenge New Hampshire’s practical exam and the National Registry of EMTs writ-ten exam to obtain the NREMT’s EMT-B certification (valid in 44 states) and apply for a license to practice in New Hampshire. The course includes significant clinical experience at local hospitals and EMS agencies. The classroom portion is held at Dartmouth. There are two separate classes that have different schedules and instructors. ALPHA Schedule: Instructor: John.R.Largent.III@Dartmouth.edu (Jan Largent) January to May, Monday and Thursday Nights 6:30-10pm, Every Other Saturday All Day. BETA Schedule*: Instructor: EMTA.LLC@gmail.com (Jim McCarragher, RN MSN) January to May, Wednesday Nights Every Week, Every Saturday All Day COST: $1100; book included. Other Fees: Practical Exam (~$65), Written Exam ($70) **Financial Aid is available for qualifying Dartmouth Students dedicated to D-EMS. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BLITZED OUT IF INTERESTED IN FINANCIAL AID. Non-Refundable Deposit: Alpha Class: $200 in check payable to John Largent. Beta Class: $150 to EMTA.LLC. Due 2 weeks post-registration. Please Register by November 1st, 2012. A late fee may apply after December 1st, 2012. *(Part 1 / Part 2 Curriculum) You can sign up for Part 1 of the EMT-B Course to earn the New Hampshire First Responder Certification (see above). Part 2 may be completed later with current NH First Responder certification.
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