Community Partner Service Opportunity Proposal

Do you need student volunteers for a project or program? This form will help us recruit volunteers or connect you with a faculty member offering an academic course appropriate for this proposed project. Community partners are invited to submit this project brief to the Center for Servant Leadership. Please do not be discouraged if you do not have the details of your project designed. This form will get our process started, and further correspondence with the Center for Servant Leadership will help you develop your project.
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Service Project Description

Volunteer service projects that are strictly volunteer opportunities may be one-time events or programs that occur every year. Generally students are providing a one-time service or assistance. We will offer these projects to students regularly through a variety of marketing methods. However, although we will strongly encourage them, we cannot guarantee student participation in strictly service opportunities. Students are encouraged to find programs that are meaningful to them, which just might be your organization! Service-Learning projects, unlike conventional volunteerism, take place within an academic course for academic credit. Service-Learning gives students the opportunity to apply classroom education in a meaningful way and to develop critical thinking skills as they meet genuine community needs. Service-learning projects are faculty supervised and take place within the academic calendar (and are sometimes repeated or grown over a number of semesters). Projects generally begin early February and early September. Projects might be accomplished by one student, by a student team, or by a large number of students. The work required of students might be appropriate for freshmen with an introductory knowledge of their course material, or by advanced undergraduate students with highly developed skills in their discipline.

Questions? Concerns? Need to talk to someone about this project?

Contact the Center for Servant Leadership at or call 746-5231. Mandie Thacker Beeler, Director - 746-5244 or Beth Makowski, Coordinator - 746-5232 or Chris Young, AmeriCorps*VISTA - 746-5231 or

What happens next?

The Center for Servant Leadership will: 1 - Add your service project for our Service Opportunities list on our campus-only online system, myPortal, and our website, 2 - Add your service project to our Campus Newsletter sent to all faculty, staff, and students each Friday. 3 - Contact faculty, staff, student organizations, and athletic teams that may have a direct connection or interest in your service project. 4 - Contact you about students who sign up through our office. We also recommend that students contact you directly so they can begin to build a positive relationship with your organization. 5 - Follow up with you at the conclusion of the service project to get your observations/evaluations regarding the experience with student volunteers. The feedback we receive from Community Partners helps our students grow as Servant Leaders. 6 - Provide the results of feedback we receive from students evaluating their experience with this project and your organization. This feedback is important as we continue to develop strong partnerships with Community Partners. 7 - Be available to your agency and our students before, during, and after the service project.

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