The 2012 Chicano/Latino Community Scholar Prize for Academic Excellence

Deadline: June 10, 2012 The Chicano/Latino Community Scholar Prize for Academic Excellence honors individual academic excellence and provides role models for Mexican American/Chicano/Hispnic/Latino community at Stanford University. This award provides a cash prize of $5,000.00 to a graduating senior in good standing who meets the following criteria: - is involved in the Mexican American/Chicano/Hispanic/Latino community at Stanford University - has attained a grade point average (GPA) of 3.9 or above amongst the eligible applicants over the course of his or her undergraduate career at Stanford, up to and including the quarter ending just prior to his or her satisfactorily completing all requirements for graduation from Stanford University. How to apply: Graduating seniors can submit an application by using the following link. Faculty members can also nominate students. In your application, please provide concrete examples of your engagement with the Mexican American/Chicano/Hispanic/Latino community at Stanford University. Following are some examples through which an individual can fulfill the eligibility requirement: - Self-identification as Mexican American, Chicano, Hispanic or Latino - Volunteer work performed within or for the benefit of the Chicano/Latino community, whether on the Stanford campus or beyond its confines, such as tutoring through Barrio Assistance, Habla la Noche/Dia - Membership in a voluntary student organization that is formally recognized by the University and listed by El Centro Chicano as an organization within the Chicano/Latino Community - Involvement in cultural activities relating to the Chicano/Latino community, such as Ballet Folklorico, Mariachi Cardenal, Flamenco, Salseros - Residency for one acadmeic quarter or more in any dormitory or student housing related to the Chicano/Latino community, such as Casa Zapata - Participation in academic programs or other teaching/learning experiences related to the Chicano/Latino community, including, without limitation, its history, politics, literature, languages, and other cultural and sociological aspects. - Any other type of involvement that the selection committee shall deem to be sufficiently significant to merit consideration The above list of examples is not intended to be either exhaustive or limiting in any way. Eligible recipients may be of any race or ethnicity. Selection Process: Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of faculty members (chosen by the Provost or the Provost's designee), who will select the winner from among the eligible nominees. The award will be presented at Nuestra Graduacion, the Chicano/Latino Graduation Ceremony on June 16, 2012.
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