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School of Business Administration The Undergraduate Studies Committee is comprised of faculty members from the School of Business Administration who are charged with reviewing and evaluating student requests for exceptions, waivers or changes to their business program requirements. Academic requirements for the School of Business are listed and defined in the University of Vermont catalogue A student is subject to the requirements in place for the catalogue year in which s/he entered UVM as a matriculating degree student, which may not be the current catalogue. Remember to check the catalogue archives link for the appropriate catalogue year. The Student Handbook you received during Orientation or transfer into the School of Business also lists the academic requirements for that class year. All petitions to the Undergraduate Studies Committee need to be made in writing using the form below. A student who plans to petition the Undergraduate Studies Committee should meet with his/her faculty advisor or an advisor in Student Services prior to sending the petition. There are certain circumstances where a petition may not be needed and other situations where a requirement cannot be waived by the Undergraduate Studies Committee. The Committee meets on a bi-monthly basis. The schedule for the spring 2015 semester with appeal deadlines is listed below. Decisions will be emailed to students within one week of the meeting date. Monday, January 12 (appeal deadline: Thursday, January 8 at noon) Monday, January 26 (appeal deadline: Thursday, January 22 at noon) Monday, February 9 (appeal deadline: Thursday, February 5 at noon) Monday, February 23 (appeal deadline: Thursday, February 19 at noon) Monday, March 9 (appeal deadline: Thursday, March 5 at noon) Monday, March 23 (appeal deadline: Thursday, March 19 at noon) Monday, April 6 (appeal deadline: Thursday, April 2 at noon) Monday, April 27 (appeal deadline: Thursday, April 23 at noon) Monday, May 11 (appeal deadline: Thursday, May 7 at noon) Questions? Contact Jennifer Fath, Director of Student Services, 101 Kalkin Hall, (802) 656-3151,
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Instructions for Accompanying Documents

Please submit accompanying documents electronically, in person or by fax. 101 Kalkin Hall 802-656-4078 FAX

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