How Much do you think Microsoft's Surface and its keyboard covers will cost.

I'm curious what my fellow Verge commenters think Microsoft will charge for Surface and its accessory keyboards. Assumption of this survey: - Microsoft will sell Surface with or without the Touch Cover (the really thin cover 3mm) included and the Type Cover (thicker with individual keys, 5mm thick) will only be sold by itself. - If there is an additional charge for Surface models with 3G or 4G LTE connectitivity, those are not included in this survey. This is for wifi models only. Just as a reminder, here's the wifi iPad (The new iPad) Pricing 16GB $519 32GB $619 64GB $719 You can view the specs of Microsoft Surface at this Verge article If you aren't familiar with which keyboard is which, you can view them at these Verge articles. Touch Cover 3mm thick, Type Cover, 5mm thick, has indicual keys ===========================================================
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Surface with ARM chip

Choices are in $25 USD increments

Surface with intel chip

Choices are in $25 USD increments

The Keyboard Cover Pricing

This assumes they will be sold separately. Choices are in $5 USD increments. Even if you don't think they will be please make your best guess.

Will the covers be included or not?

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