Apply for the First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam

Hello! This form will allow you to apply to participate on the first Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam: an event in which developers, designers, and hackers get together to bring Open Source Hardware to the next stage. The event will take place in New York City, US on April 26th to 28th - see for details. Please apply only after reading as this will help shape your contribution. Unfortunately, for practical reasons, the number of participants is limited so we're asking everyone to tells us more about their work and motivations. Please consider that it may take some time to review your application but we'll try to do it on a rolling basis.
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Software Development
UX, Service and Product design
Web Design and Illustrations
Storytelling and Copywriting
Open Source Hardware Development and Hacking (Mostly Machinery and Tools)
Open Source Hardware Development and Hacking (Mostly Electronics)
Open Source Hardware Development and Hacking (Others)

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