Elmhurst College Student Organization Registration Form 2012-2013

All student groups at Elmhurst College must be recognized by the Student Government Association, and registered with the Office of Student Activities. Completing this form is necessary to both processes. Once groups are recognized/registered by the College, they can: - reserve space on campus for meetings and events, - apply to use student activity fees, - promote organization events on campus, - use campus services such as Chartwells, Video Bulletin Board, etc. and, - be listed in the Student Organization Directory. In order to remain recognized/registered student groups, all organizations must: -Complete this Student Organization Registration Form for 2012 - 2013. -Have at least five members and ensure that all members complete the Membership Enrollment Form. -Ensure that the Office of Student Activities has a current copy of the organization constitution one month after the group is recognized by SGA.
* Required

1. Any funds allocated will be used solely for the purpose stated.
2. Any funds allocated will be used only to support the missison of the organization.
Failure to comply with the policies governing the use of Student Activity Fund monies may result in the loss of future funding for your organization.

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