Project description This RFP is issued July 24, 2012 AYSO Region 9’s Referee Program requires a Supplier that can provide USSF/AYSO compliant referee uniforms in both a "basic uniform kit" bundle and individual uniform items on demand. Delivery/Fulfillment of Orders: Supplier must be able to deliver and deliver ordered uniforms and/or uniform item as follows: • within 2 business days upon date of each order placed • delivered to the Conejo Creek South Soccer Complex fields in Thousand Oaks, CA • on designated date & time indicated on each purchase order • in ecologically sustainable packaged units with the referee/recipient’s name (last, first) and the corresponding order reference number marked on the outside of the unit • a packing list with the applicable purchase order reference number and details of the order placed • ordered uniforms and/or uniform items on a "rush" or "expedited" basis no later than 6:00 pm on any Friday between September 1 and November 30 per award year, limited to no more than ten (10) units week to week on this basis. Referee Uniform Requirements: Uniforms shall not exceed the following limits: • Basic uniform kits (each item compliant with official USSF stripe pattern, color, & guidelines) consisting of: 1-yellow two pocket short sleeve referee uniform shirt 1-black referee shorts 1-pair black with triple white stripe referee socks • Replacement uniform items (for returning referees) consisting of: 30 black referee shorts 30 yellow, black, red, blue, or green referee uniform shirt short sleeve 30 yellow, black, red, blue, or green referee uniform shirt long sleeve 50 pair black with triple white stripe referee socks Administration process (ordering and documentation): • AYSO Region 9 Referee Administrator (RRA) or Director of Referee Uniforms (DRU) will submit a purchase order, with an order reference number, with referee names and corresponding items to supplier via email, telephone or FAX. • Supplier will deliver ordered units per the Delivery/Fulfillment specifications above • Supplier will provide by email the RRA and DRU an invoice upon delivery with the purchase order reference number, dated for the delivery date with net-30 days terms per order per the pricing specifications above. Additional Terms: • Period of Award (offer made & accepted) shall exist from the date of acceptance of Region 9’s offer through the until the following date: 07/01/2013 at which time the award automatically terminates or renews per AYSO Region 9 Referee Program’s written renewal offer. • Region 9 and/or AYSO Region 9 Referee Program jointly and severally reserves the right to terminate this award (offered and accepted) and any obligations at any time for any reason without notice. Every effort will be made to notify Supplier of termination by email, FAX or telephone in a timely manner, but such notice is not required. • Submission of Proposal ("bid") constitutes agreement and acceptance of all terms and descriptions included in this RFP. • This RFP is a closed-bid; proposals will be opened in closed session by a designated meeting of and between AYSO Region 9 RC, Treasurer and RRA. Bidders will not be present. • Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated on the basis of the description of this RFP and the financial and administrative needs of AYSO Region 9 and/or its Referee Program. • Successful proposal shall be submitted to the AYSO Region 9 Board for final approval prior to award. • Only Supplier being awarded (successful proposal) will be notified by email by the RRA. There will be no notice given for unsuccessful bids. Additional Documentation Required for Proposal to be considered: • digital color images (authentic representations) of all items requested by this RFP • Pricing sheet itemized by individual item and for basic kit specified above • Digital images (authentic representations) for and brief description of proposed packaging • Example of similar or related projects fulfilled for other customers/clients (brief description and images of items and/or fulfillment performance) • Description of exchange policy including description of exchange/returns process. Optional Additional Documents/materials: • Any other supporting materials you wish to submit Submit all required and any optional additional documents in PDF/JPEG format together via email to with Supplier’s name, RFP title and date submitted in the subject line on the date submitted. Please Complete and Submit Proposal (this completed RFP form) & supporting documentation (via email to: by 11:59 pm PDT, 8/1/2012. Successful award offer will be made by August 10, 2012. Supplier must be ready to begin orders & fulfillment by August 15, 2012.
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