Test Security Agreement/Affidavit 2014

For District Personnel and Test Coordinators I acknowledge that the DSTEP-A, DSTEP, SAT 10 (Home School) is a secure assessment and agree to the following conditions of use to ensure test security. 1. I have received training necessary to administer the assessment as indicated above. 2. a) I will take all necessary precautions to safeguard all test materials by limiting access to persons within the school district or agency with a responsible, professional interest in the test's security. b) The names of all persons having access to the materials will be kept on file. c) No portion of the testing materials may be reproduced. 3. a) I will keep all testing materials in a secure location, except on actual testing dates, limiting access to those responsible for their security. b) Secure test materials in a secure locations, including test booklets, will be delivered to examiners no sooner than the date of testing, unless logistics dictate an earlier delivery date. c) Test materials will be kept secure until they are actually distributed to students. d) In no case will students be permitted to remove test materials from the room where testing takes place. e) I will ensure that any calculators used during the assessment will be within the guidelines and I have ensured any downloadable program has been removed as stated within the Test Coordinator's Handbook. 4. I will not disclose or allow to be disclosed the contents of the testing instrument. 5. Upon completion of testing, I will return all test materials to the designated test coordinator of the school district, who will in turn return all test materials. 6. I will develop, distribute, and enforce disciplinary procedures for the violation of test security by district or agency staff. 7. During the test, plan for, ensure the appropriate use of, and follow appropriate procedures for students with disabilities, 504 and/or limited English proficiency as documented on their individual education plan. a) Ensure accommodations documented for statewide assessment have also been documented as instructional accommodations and have been provided to the student throughout the year. b) Ensure accommodations are appropriate and necessary for students to access statewide assessment without giving an unfair advantage. c) Ensure students have had the accommodation in place for five weeks prior to testing. d) Plan testing arrangement to ensure accommodations are administered in an appropriate manner with trained personnel. e) Cross check students individual plan with student's teacher/examiner to ensure accommodations are documented and administered prior to testing and coding demographic information.
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By completing and typing my name to this document, I am assuring Pearson and SDDOE that I and anyone having access to the test materials will abide by the Test Security Agreement/Affidavit conditions.

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