Breaking Bread and Building Bridges- Introduction

Dear Interfaith Companer@s, Thank you to all those who joined our last call on the post-election analysis regarding immigration reform. You can find the Webinar Power Point and Audio on our website at We are preparing to launch a new campaign called BREAKING BREAD AND BUILDING BRIDGES that will be part of the push for immigration reform at the federal level, but will also take into account the importance of building collective power at the local level and working on local immigration issues. The post-election reality in 2012 ushered in a significant shift in the narrative for humane immigration reform. Grassroots involvement, including in-district meetings with members of Congress and public, prayerful witness will be critical to any national reforms. At the same time, it will be critical to continue to push for local and state policies that build welcoming communities and stop deportations Please join us on a February 27, 2013 Conference Call/ Webinar at 8 PM Eastern Time to plan together how we will roll out the Breaking Bread and Building Bridges Campaign and share in a time to strategize for immigrant justice in 2013. Conference dial-in number: (805) 399-1000 Participant access code: 104402 Call Agenda Updates on Immigration Reform on State Anti-immigrant Bills Planning for Breaking Bread and Building Bridges Intro to Field Plan- mapping out regions of importance Question and Answer
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