Scavenger Hunt Application

Please fill out this form if you are conducting a scavenger hunt. You will be notified when your scavenger hunt is approved. Scavenger Hunt Guidelines and Requirements: 1. Should augment participants’ learning about their organization, field of study, or the University. 2. Should NOT exceed two hours in length. 3. Encourage participants to work as a team. Participants should not hunt alone! 4. The activity must be conducted during reasonable hours of the day. Scavenger hunts may not be conducted between 10pm and 7:30am Sunday-Thursday or between Midnight-10am Friday and Saturday. 5. Boundaries must be limited to the main campus only. Going off campus or to Longwood Managed communities is NOT permitted. No travel via vehicle is permitted. 6. All University conduct and honor regulations apply. 7. The activity must not disrupt regular University business, or the peace of the community residents. 8. Participants must not be put into a situation that could be harmful. 9. If used as a new member program, the activity must include both new and current members.
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