Official GTRA | RSeat WSGTC S3 | Incident Report Form - Round 7 Monza

Use this form to lodge a complaint against a competitor. all fields must be filled in before submission. If filling out a description of the events you MUST stay impartial. Any motives, theories, subjecture, or otherwise opinion is advised against. We need an impartial and objective description as possible in order to quickly solve the matter. If you would like to get your opinion heard, please PM a mod with your story. One report for one incident. DO NOT report multiple incidents in the same form. This is for a SINGLE incident. IF you have multiple incidents to report you must report them by completing a completely new form again. (NOTE: you do not have to have been involved in an incident to report it, every one is encouraged to report anything they witnessed. Don't worry about multiple people reporting the same thing, it's wanted)
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