The Lovelorn

Feel as though your fic isn't getting the recognition it deserves? We'd love to help! Tell the fandom a little bit more about your story, and for two weeks, it will be featured on the site and advertised twice a day on the LUV'NV's twitter account. GUIDELINES Your story ...
♥ Must be beta'd, or meet our V standards if it's not beta'd. ♥ Must have at least five chapters posted. ♥ Cannot have more than an average of 30 reviews per chapter and a total of 750 reviews. ♥ Does not have Edward and Bella as the main pairing. ♥ Has the proper content warnings near the top of the first chapter. The vague "Dark themes" is not acceptable. ♥ Only one of your stories can be submitted at this time. Please wait three months before submitting another fic for this feature.
Validation and submission acceptance is to the discretion of The LUV'NV staff. We reserve the right to reject any fic based on quality and/or controversial content. Once the story is validated, The LUV'NV will email you acceptance or rejection details. Upon receiving an acceptance email, we ask that you write an article about your story by answering the included questions, and it will be posted on the site. Both submissions and story articles are processed and posted in the order they were received. Please allow up to six weeks for validation. After the six weeks, you may email us at to inquire the status of your submission.
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