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What: A group of three to five writers will come together via Skype with the aid of Google Docs to share a written piece in a specific genre to hear each piece read and then engage in a praise/critique session with each writing piece. A prompt will be assigned and a word limit will be suggested a week before the Writing Circle meets. Genre descriptions: Fiction- Short Story: something created and imagined by you based on a prompt. Memoir: A piece of prose that is written from your life experiences and what you think/feel related to the prompt. Piece should be true to you and your life and not fiction. Free Write: Give yourself 15 minutes to HAND WRITE your thoughts, lightly edit when transferring to the computer and come to the group ready to make suggestions on how to turn a free write into a thoughtful and fluent piece. Prose: Marked by the patterns of everyday speech, prose is distinguished from poetry by its greater irregularity and variety of rhythm. It's the every-day poetry of our lives, focused on telling a story in forward, everyday tone. Example: Life Out Loud: Using punchy descriptive words to tell a whole lot without a lot of words regarding everyday life events or daily struggles. How and Where: Via Skype and Google Documents in the comfort of your own home! Only FOUR writers will be admitted to each session. At the end of each session as a group you will decide if you would like to meet up to 3 more times and keep working together. In addition after you have participated in a session you will be invited to our Facebook Group where you can work with your group as well as other alums of the Writing Circles on current or future pieces. Do to the limited size of our program spots are filled on a first sign up first reserved basis. However we will maintain waiting lists and those on the waiting lists will be given first spots in the next group of their chosen genre. Questions? Please contact Hyacynth at hyacynthworth{at}yahoo{dot}com or Melissa at PBinmyHair{at}gmail{dot}com
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