Singapore Online Buy and Sell Blacklisted HP Contacts

This data base is created with aim to protect fellows Singaporeans from unethicial buyers and sellers in Singapore. Definition of Low ball: Offering price much lower that the market price of the 2nd hand item online. Report only if the incident happens to yourself. 1) Seller cancels the appointment when you are already on the way to view/buy/sell 2) Seller did not turn up 3) Buyer tried to bargain on the spot despite confirming on the price earlier before meetup 4) Buyer repeatedly pesters Seller by low balling. Please refer to the definition of low balling above. 5) Item not same as Seller claimed to be previously. Eg. Seller advertising good working item when it is spoiled.. 6) Seller selling counterfeit items To see the full data base to check on suspecting repeated unethicial buyers, please visit
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