ROFL Alliance Application

Player Corps seeking admittance into RISE of LEGION must meet the following requirements: 1. All leadership must install and use Teamspeak 3 with a mic 2. Corps must maintain a min. active membership level of 30 or more members 3. Corporation must agree to maintain a consistent activity level in game including both in and out of alliance operations. 4. All applicants agree and understand CTAs are not optional and must be recognized by both the corp leadership as well of all of their members 5. Leadership of applying corporation must be active and reachable by the alliance at all times via TS3 and/or other alliance based chat or messaging system The following application must be filled out completely. Incomplete applications or applications with inaccurate data will be denied without notification. Corporations accepted within the alliance based on their application may be removed if information provided is proven to be untrue, so please answer as accurately as you can.
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