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I ALREADY HAVE FORTY SUBMISSIONS... I'LL KEEP THIS FORM OPEN IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SUBMIT SOMETHING, BUT I'M INCLINED TO STOP READING AFTER I GET TO FORTY--IT'S NOT FAIR TO ASK YOU TO PUT IN THE TIME WHEN THERE'S ALREADY SO MANY QUALIFIED APPLICATIONS. Thanks. Seth This is a form to solicit self-nominations from developers. Read this simple overview of what I have in mind, and then, if you're interested, fill it out. The deadline is November 2nd. I'll get back to everyone by the end of November. The App: The primary function is daily updates of my blog post, which the app will be able to grab via my existing RSS feed. It may (up to your proposal) also contain: --the ability to repost to various online social sites --the ability to find and even purchase my books --other new and unexplored utility, including enhanced content discovery What I won't be able to support is any interaction that needs moderation from me, or that offers any promises to users beyond what I'm already supporting. The app developer is responsible for dealing with the app stores and doing any support of users. The important elements to me are: a. stability. The app must work, on every platform, and be consistently supported by an organization with a good reputation. b. beauty. It has to look great. I'm not nearly as interested in cutting edge technology. In the words of Bones McCoy, "Dammit Jim, I'm a writer, not a programmer..." Your answers (below) won't be published, and I will be giving chosen developers links and credit on my blog and the app. Extra points if you're able to go through this application process without emailing me. If I've missed a detail, check back as I'll probably update this intro or add something below. Note the final question: I'm not sure if I want there to be only one SG app or if I should approve a few and let readers choose. If you're willing to be one of a handful, it increases your odds. Thanks for considering this.
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