Nishma Summer 2013 Application

Welcome to the Nishma Summer 2013 application! Please note that this form does not permit saving a partially completed application; it must be completed and submitted in one session. We recommend that you first read the application in its entirety here:, prepare your longer responses (particularly the short essay in section III) in advance, and then complete this form when you're ready. We can only consider applications submitted through this form. If you wish to request a recommendation before submitting this application, please use this form:
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I. Applicant Information

II. Hebrew & Jewish Studies Background

In order to group students most effectively, we need to know something about your Hebrew and text background. Please be as honest and accurate as you can. We will follow up with you if necessary to assure that we’ll be able to offer a course appropriate to your level in the summer.

Prayerbook Hebrew
Biblical passages

III. Short Essay

Please copy and paste into the box below the short essay which you prepared in response to the question.

IV. Recommendation

Please provide one reference from an individual (such as a teacher, professor, rabbi, Hillel staff member, etc.) who can tell us about you personally and Jewishly, particularly regarding your learning skills. If you wish to request a recommendation before submitting this form, please visit: Whether or not you have already requested your recommendation, you must fill out this section on this form. If you indicate that you have not yet requested your recommendation, the reference request will be sent automatically to the email address you provide below.

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