Green Revolution "Eco-zibit" Proposal Form

Beginning September 1, 2013, Denison Museum will put out a formal invitation to the Denison campus and local Granville community to design and submit a variety of unique "eco-zibit" designs. Proposals from individuals as well as groups (academic departments, clubs, athletic teams, etc.) are being sought! The exhibition will be on view from February 14 - May 17, 2014 at Denison Museum (in Burke Hall) and at other satellite venues on campus as needed. Deadline for submissions has been extended to October 11, 2013. A Review Committee comprised of Museum staff, teaching faculty, students, University staff and a community representative will review the submissions. The winning proposals and participants will be notified by October 18th, 2013 with project building activities quickly commencing the week after. Criteria for evaluating proposals include: 1) Relevance to the Three Pillars of Sustainability (environmental, social, economic) 2) Creativity, innovation and ingenuity of concept, design, and communication 3) Use of repurposed or minimum carbon footprint materials and processes* 4) Scale of the proposed design, installation requirements and timeline** 5) Sustainable plan for repurposing or disposing of the project at the conclusion of the exhibition 6) Other guidelines as defined by the Museum and the Review Committee *Preference given to proposal plans that include at least 50% repurposed/recycled materials. Denison Museum prohibits the display live, organic materials as to not endanger the Museum’s environment and collection. Projects that include these materials will only be considered for satellite display. **All participants that submit proposals must be willing to assist Museum staff with the gathering of materials and assemblage of their exhibit. In addition to the selected project participants, the Museum staff is also looking for volunteers to assemble the mini-exhibits into Denison’s own edgy, interactive, and unique version of this "eco-zibit". For more information please download the Green Revolution Prospectus available at
* Required

Short Answer Questions

Please complete these questions with as much attention to detail as possible. Successful "eco-zibits" are both creative and practical. Be sure you think of what resources you will need to complete your "eco-zibit" and express your forward thinking when responding to the short answer questions.

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