Project MAST Lending Library Request Form

1. You must have received MAST training for the lab equipment you request. 2. New procedure for requesting equipment: you may reserve equipment for a one week period, beginning on a Monday ending on Friday. The kits will be delivered to you so that they arrive before your requested use date. You must ship the equipment to Cornell by the following Monday. You will be allowed to have only one classroom set of equipment at a time. 3. In a effort to reduce shipping costs, please indicate any equipment included in the kit that you do not need shipped to you, i.e. multimeters, LabPros, power supplies, etc. There is no charge to you for borrowing or shipping lab equipment. 4. For more information, please contact the Lending Library in your region. 5. NOTE: Equipment requests are HEAVY! Please make sure you ship the equipment you've borrowed at the end of your 5-day period. One delay can cause multiple problems further on in the schedule. If you need to keep the equipment past the return date, call 601-979-3622, or 601-979-2969 to request permission. Usually it's not a problem, but please ask first.
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