Sign ups for Saturday Night Scrims for the North American Server. Post your information below and stay posted on r/summonerschool on Thursday/Friday of each week to see if you made it into a game this week!
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Matches will all be Draft. For the novice match, if all ten participants do not have 16 characters, the lobby boss will conduct a brief ghetto draft. If you're not familiar with ghetto draft, it will be explained at the beginning of the game. Elo ranking definitions can be found here: 1. Pre-Show (possibly before, and between each game) - Random games such as Ultimate Bravery, ARAM, or ARAB. There will be no signups for this, and participants will be taken from the chat lobby. 2. Novice Match Student (1pm PST / 4pm EST) - Under level 30, or level 30 and sub-Silver V rank (1250 Elo). Unranked players appraised on a case by case basis. 3. Novice Match Teacher - Willing to play support for your team (unless otherwise agreed upon by both teams) and answer questions during the game, as well as calling plays for your team if needed. 4. Intermediate Match 1 (3pm PST / 6pm EST) - Unranked, or Silver V (1250 Elo) through Gold V (1600 Elo). 5. Intermediate Match 2 (5pm PST / 8pm EST) - Unranked, or Silver V (1250 Elo) through Gold V (1600 Elo). 6. Advanced Match (7pm PST / 10pm EST) - Gold V (1600) and onward. The sky's the limit.

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