Yesod user survey, 2012

This survey is intended for current Yesod users, people interested in Yesod, and people who have started using other web tools instead. Please take the time to fill this out thoughtfully, as the responses will help guide future development of the framework.



Type safe web development is important to me.
High performance is important to me.
A framework which makes it easy to create an application is important to me.
Provable code correctness is important to me.
Yesod makes it easy to create reusable components.
I have written reusable widgets.
I have written my own subsites.
I use the auth subsite regularly.
I want Yesod to provide nice interactions for Javascript frameworks like AngularJS or BackboneJS
When writing a Yesod app, I would like to be able to avoid writing any Javascript.
I would like to see Haskell code compiled to javascript become a part of Yesod.
Yesod uses too much Template Haskell.
Yesod uses too much Quasi Quotation.
I would like an alternative to Hamlet which is plain HTML.
I like the syntax choices available in the Shakespearean languages.
Getting a working development environment is difficult.
Difficulties with cabal have prevented me from using Yesod in some cases.
Deploying my applications is difficult.



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